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Here is my story about why I created this webpage:

I was a successful businessman in the financial business, who had worked hard to build his reputation and credit score. One day, I received a call from my credit card company informing me that my credit card had been used to make several unauthorized purchases. I was shocked and immediately contacted the bank to report the fraud. After an investigation, it was discovered that someone had stolen my identity and opened several credit accounts in my name.

My life was turned upside down as he tried to clear his name and repair the damage done to his credit score. I spent countless hours on the phone with creditors and credit bureaus trying to resolve the issue. The stress of the situation began to take its toll on my personal and professional life. Causing me to retire early before I turned 65.

Despite the challenges I faced, I refused to give up. I worked tirelessly to restore my credit score and reputation. In the end, I was able to overcome the obstacles and emerge stronger than ever before. But I still have to be fingerprinted every few years by local police to maintain my security clearance for the volunteer work I do.

I hope this story helps you understand the challenges that people face when their identity is stolen.

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