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To send Bitcoin to me use:  bc1qdm5hnvugueu6hutfmgtkv753c9lf752q3g76um

 Or Scan:                    

To send Liquid use:  lq1qqvz5gqp0jjzgzn3e22esnrepscnkm35qplpfd2qvmcgu6pgz496p5d7qwqfanjlklc87vy87k95ea9am7e5625vc47wt005ef

Or Scan Liquid QR Code: Liquid Public Key

To use Lighting (2nd layer BTC) use:  lnbc1pje7hk4sp5w52n3jux8448pfe9ka9cd7re75ezyeak5258ecaeqvj77taxv56qpp55mpge5j9kam3f00w0hpfur72lnxv8v6vtke6a8vys2xedjxk8f2shp5uwcvgs5clswpfxhm7



take out the spaces after fxhm7 to start at nyfj,  and after qqqqq starts up at 9ksq, ends in xm72. A very long hash key.

Here is the QR code for Lighting:   Lighting QR Code

To learn more about my account:  https://coinos.io/ve7lee

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